Cattle Drive 2

Monday, May 20, 2019

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I was in Israel for the entire month of June and it was a very busy fruitful trip!

One of many things that happened was that I was invited back to the ranch by the rancher in Israel to help out. To quickly explain to those who may be new to Covenant Ministries Stories from Israel, I was introduced to this old ruff Israeli man who runs a cattle and horse ranch. After we were first introduced the person who introduced us briefly told him about my love and support for Israel, the Jewish people and the men and women of the IDF. So, he invited me the next morning for breakfast at his ranch where we spoke and got to know each other a little and then he asked if I would like to work with him that day.

Of course, I said yes. The Lord has been developing this relationship now for a year and each time I am able to share the gospel not only with the rancher but his ranch hands. Whom have served in the IDF and appreciate the support, love for them and the Jewish people.

During this trip I worked on the ranch several different days and I met a new ranch hand who was very surprised that someone was working with them not from there. The rancher let him know who I was. He just got out of the IDF and was intrigued about the amount of years we have been supporting them and the continue support of the communities.

At the end of the drive we were back at the ranch and we were sitting down and he asked me how I started supporting Israel and why. So, I was able to share my testimony, which the others have heard and then I began to explain my faith where it comes from and that the Lord Yeshua has given me this passion and love for Israel and the Jewish people.

As I was speaking the rancher looked at me and started to smile and everyone looked at him and thought something funny was about to be said but he looked at me and said Edward you are my friend and I like it when you are here. I told him sir I love you and I love sharing the gospel with you and your hands. I know he says I can here it in your voice and see it through your actions and I like listening.

Praise God!

Please continue to pray for the rancher and the ranch hands and more opportunities to share the gospel with them.

The video and pictures below are of some of the cattle Drive. I quit filming after the lead cow was spooked and turned around and started running the other way. Then all 150 head of cows and bulls turned around and ran straight to us on our horses. Tom my friend and one of the ranch hands turned their horses and ran in front of the heard in order to put room between them and the heard so they can drive them back. I was in a ditch and my horse could not turn has quickly because of the tight space we were in and the horse and I was pushed up against a tree by the heard hitting my horse. Thankfully the tree was there to stop us from falling over. Started to film again on the way back.

That is what you call a stampede!!

Thank you for reading and watching