In supporting Israel and the Jewish people Covenant Ministries is honored that we have the opportunity to Support the men and woman of the Israel Defense Force (IDF) by Adopting A Brigade. As with any fighting force the men and women who serve in the IDF need the opportunity to rest and relax from the everyday demand of serving their country for their survival.

Through Supporting the IDF, Covenant Ministries is able to help in providing the desperately needed break that these soldiers need. In doing so we help minister to their physical, mental and emotional needs. We do this by hosting cook outs and recreational activities on and off base.

In addition, we help provide needed martial items that help encourage the soldiers. We help provide items such as sweat shirts, ski caps, jackets, socks, gloves, back packs, and T shirts.

In serving in this manner Covenant Ministries is not only helping meet the physical, mental and emotional needs of the soldiers but we are also providing a tremendous boost in their moral. Because they see and know that they are supported, loved and cared for.